Mounting your Iphone as a disk

Assuming you are using Fedora (11 in my case) , here is how to mount your iphone as a disk to your computer..

Make sure that SSH is installed and running on your phone, then, as root, do these:

# yum install fuse-sshfs
# mkdir iphone
# sshfs root@ iphone

(where is the wifi address of your iphone). It will ask you for the root password. If you haven’t changed it (If you keep the same default password, you are making yourself vulnerable to viruses), it should be “alpine”.

if your intention was to virus-scan your phone, read on:

How to virus scan your iphone:

Make sure that you have installed clamAV’s clamscan first to your desktop/laptop.. then:

# cd iphone
# clamscan -i --detect-broken=yes --block-encrypted=yes --scan-archive=yes --detect-pua=yes --recursive=yes *

If any of these commands are not found, go into add/remove programs and add them.

PS: It’s a good idea to scan your phone once in a while against rootkits/viruses as I have found many FTP attempts to my phone from China.

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