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How to cache Fedora RPM’s with Squid Proxy, an easy solution

Often there are many computers on your LAN that need to be updated when a new Fedora is released or just for the usual DNF UPDATE — you don’t want to re-download all the patches and you don’t want to … Continue reading

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Suddenly no boot manager? Windows just boots?

If your system that used to dual-boot fine, one day just boots into Windows, with Linux nowhere to be found, you just need to add the Linux entry into the EFI boot manager.. No need to grub2-install, etc. First find … Continue reading

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Evde Alkol Yapımı

Evde Alkol Yapmak Merhabalar. Bu yazıda size en kolay şekilde evde rom, veya vodka nasıl yapabilirsiniz onu anlatacağım. Öncelikle yasal yönünü merak edenler için: İçeceğiniz kadar üretmek yasal. Ancak satmaya kalkarsanız onay almanız gerekiyor bir yerlerden. Yani izinsiz satmak yasak, … Continue reading

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