OPENVPN VERIFY ERROR: depth=0, error=certificate signature failure: /CN=blabla/C=DE/L=blabla/ST=blabla

If you start receiving the above error in the openvpn server logs, you need to add these two lines
to /etc/init.d/openvpn :

…towards the beginning of that file..

apparently Openvpn has changed something again without telling us.. It stopped supporting MD5 — unless enabled. This caused me much grief, and I hope I can prevent yours.

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Benzin fiyatları

Ufak bir karşılaştırma (Ağustos 2009):
USA da benzin fiyatı (galonu 2.5 dolar), yani litresi: 0.99 TL.
Türkiye’de benzin fiyatı: 3.5 TL civarı.

Ayda 4 kere depoyu doldursanız, 40’ar litre alsanız, bir yılda fazladan vereceğiniz ücret: 4800 TL.

On senede? 48,000 TL.. Bununla araba bile alabilirsiniz!

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Samsung TV: No subtitle support from DLNA (allshare) server

I just confirmed that Samsung’s TV software is defective; It does not support external subtitles when its streaming movies from a DLNA server.

To try,
1) Put a movie.avi and in some folder at your DLNA server
2) Try to watch it with subtitles.

No subtitles will appear.. I just confirmed it with Samsung helpdesk. What a shame!

However, the external subtitles ARE supported if you bother to put the movie.avi and to a flash disk, walk up to the tv and insert the flash disk. Btw, the TV does not support external hard drives either!

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