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Hi there - I got into astronomy rather late; around 1999. From there on, I have been trying to learn as much and as fast as possible.

Dew Remover
I recently built myself a dew remover. I was getting pretty fed up with the front lens getting covered with dew - we have lots of it in Urla/Izmir/Turkey. I used the following resource:  http://www.petevasey.btinternet.co.uk/DewHeat.htm

Light Pollution
Why doesn't anyone do more on this subject? We waste electricity illuminating the skies; and ruin astronomy for the generations to come. Why do people still purchase the "bulb" type spots for their gardens, and why do people put projectors on the ground, pointing it to trees and statues? Don't they realise that what leaks around the tree and statues ends up polluting our dark skies?

here is a great picture from NASA that shows how bad the light pollution is; click here to download it; great for your desktop :)